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So many contrasting personalities.
United by a

common goal.

What’s in store for you when you join the OnCourse

  •  Like-minded People

All driven together by the same principles, and wanting to make a difference.

  • Inclusive Work Environment

All passionate about working in a collaborative environment.


  • Flat Organisational Structure

Work directly with the founders, and in turn, keep your vision aligned with ours.


  • Space to Innovate & Grow

We’re always looking to innovate. If you can enable that, there is a place for you here. One that rewards you for it too.


  • Bonus Pools & Incentives

With responsibility comes reward. Bonuses and incentives are linked to performance.


  • Team Spirit

Regular team outings, game nights and team offsites. Because work and play are both really important.

1. Associate / Senior Associate

Commitment: Full-time

Role: Mentoring undergraduate students 

Primary Responsibilities:

Grades 8-9:

  • Focus on essential soft skills such as reading, writing, public speaking and communication.

Grades 10-11:

  • Advising students on relevant activities, community service and career goals.

Grade 12:

  • Assisting students with their applications end-to-end.

Secondary Responsibilities:

  • Can vary from Marketing and Business Development, to content and curriculum development, to heading a program, and to teaching.

Meeting Room

Current Openings

Notepad on Desk

Current Openings

2. SAT/ACT Teacher

Commitment: Part-time

Role: Teaching students as part of our test prep division, UPrep.


  • Preferred to have had previous teaching experience of 2+ years

  • Preferred to have familiarity with the SAT, ACT and GMAT

  • The ability to coach students one on one, as well as in a batch setting (up-to 8 students at once)

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Strong organizational, interpersonal and planning skills

  • Strong grasp of teaching online using the Zoom platform

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