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Our Undergraduate Mentoring program is an end-to-end college application assistance program, tailored specifically to the student’s needs. We provide assistance on applications to the US, UK, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Europe. Through one-on-one sessions and group seminars focused on course choice, academic planning, profile building, university selection, essay guidance, and application assistance, we help students build resumes that stand out.

Our Undergraduate Services: 

Through grades 8-10, we focus on:

  • Building soft skills such as time management, learning habits, presentation and communication skills, and writing.

  • Building a portfolio of activities in line with the students’ interests and course choice

  • Guiding on subject and board selection for grades 11 and 12

  • Providing interactive sessions with speakers focusing on different career options

  • Guiding with summer planning

  • Assisting with boarding school and summer school applications

Online Studies

Through grades 11-12, we focus on:

  •  Guiding on course, program and country selection

  •  Assisting with SAT/ACT planning

  •  Planning stand out activities for the summer

  •  Creating a university list and identifying the ‘right fit’ college

  •  Ideating and editing essays for college applications

  •  Guiding with all application forms

  •  Preparing students for admission interviews, including alumni,  Oxbridge and scholarship interviews

  •  Assisting with financial aid and scholarships

  •  Guiding with specialized applications including sport recruitment, medicine, and performing and visual arts applications

Why choose us?

  • 100% acceptance rate

  • Dedicated, trained mentors who are graduates from top universities

  • Low mentor-student ratio making way for focused counseling

  • Holistic profile development

  • Creation of Stand-out Factor (SOF)

Interested in the program? Leave us your details and we'll get in touch.

Our top placements

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and many more.

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Boarding School

Our Boarding School Mentoring program is an end-to-end application assistance program, tailored specifically to the student’s needs. Our services include a detailed profile analysis, comprehensive aid in building a strong application and prep sessions that get students ready for reputed boarding schools in countries like USA, UK, Switzerland and India.


Our Boarding

  • Preliminary Meeting: We understand the student’s personality, profile and preferences. Based on this information, our boarding school experts will discuss various options for schools across the world.

  • Shortlisting Potential Schools: Customised curation of a boarding school list based on country and academic curriculum preferences in addition to the student’s grades and profile. 

  • Application Guidance: Comprehensive assistance right from application forms, in-house test prep and interview prep for each boarding school application. 

  • Final Decision Advice: Selecting the final choice that would be the right fit for the student from the list of acceptances.


Why choose a Boarding School?

  • Experience an independent life during your high school years

  • Gain holistic education in a competitive yet thriving environment

  • Interact with people from diverse backgrounds from different parts of the world

  • Step out of your comfort zone and participate in activities you wouldn’t otherwise

  • Create a unique profile for your college applications

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Our top placements


and many more.

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We work with students from a variety of backgrounds such as Quantum Physics, Econometrics, Art History, Clinical Psychology, UI/UX design etc. to improve their chances of acceptance into their dream universities. Our services include end-to-end assistance in building a distinctive and compelling postgraduate application for all universities, especially the Ivy Leagues. We conduct a detailed profile analysis to create a robust application strategy that highlights the candidate's academic and personal strengths, along with future career aspirations.


Our Postgraduate Services: 

  • Assistance with a wide range of Masters applications across disciplines and streams

  • Personalised college selection strategies to maximise chances of acceptance

  • Customized advice to showcase preparedness for graduate study

  • Structuring resume to highlight relevant academic and professional experiences based on program of choice

  • Strategising letters of recommendation to bring out key achievements 

  • Ideating and editing the statement of purpose to weave a seamless story emphasizing linearity of career goals

  • Brainstorming and structuring additional essays such as diversity statements, writing samples and academic essays based on university-specific requirements

  • Thorough assistance with university-specific application forms

  • Extensive coaching on video essay components

  • Comprehensive interview simulations with real-time feedback


Why choose us?

  • Placements in top universities like Stanford, Harvard, Caltech, UPenn and many more

  • Expertise in working with students from niche disciplines such as material sciences, financial engineering, pharmacology etc.

  • 100% acceptance rate

  • Low mentor candidate ratio, each mentor works with a select number of candidates

  • Every candidate is assigned 2 mentors to ensure a seamless application experience

Interested in the program? Leave us your details and we'll get in touch.

Our top placements

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and many more.

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We conduct a thorough profile analysis, create a fitting application strategy taking all factors into consideration (Work experience, Academic and Test Scores, Future Career Goals, Extracurricular Involvement) and guide you end to end to ensure that your application highlights your strengths and achievements.


Our MBA Services:

  • Insider views on top business school programs from recent and current graduates

  • School choice strategies to amplify chances of acceptance

  • Creation of a seamless story that showcases your preparedness for B-School

  • Building and structuring resumes based on business school requirements

  • Guidance on drafting a cohesive goals statement

  • Structuring and editing school-specific essays

  • Simulated mock interviews with pointed feedback

  • Strategising letters of recommendation to bring out key achievements

  • Thorough assistance with application forms

  • Coaching on video essay components

Working Outdoors

Why choose us?

  • Guidance for building a distinctive and compelling application for admission into competitive business schools globally

  • Detailed profile analysis

  • Creation of an application strategy based on clear and focused long-term and short-term goals

  • Highlighting academic and non-academic strengths and achievements

Interested in the program? Leave us your details and we'll get in touch.

Our top placements


and many more.

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SAT/ACT with test prep

The test prep division of OnCourse offers a strategy-based approach to the SAT and ACT with creative teaching styles offered by experienced faculty members. Using a unique blend of group style and one-on-one teaching, the curriculum has been developed to cover the strategic and academic aspects of the SAT/ACT.


We have successfully prepared students across 20 states in India and across 14 countries globally.

With test prep, we strive to deliver the test content in an interactive and intelligible format to ensure that students are equipped with adequate strategies and a clear understanding of the test. Additionally, through full-length practice tests in a simulated testing environment, we hope to get students acclimatized to performing successfully on the actual test day.

Currently, we offer both in-person and online classes. Additionally, we also offer proctored testing on Zoom as well as in-person testing throughout the week.

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Our SAT/ACT Program:

  • Complimentary SAT & ACT diagnostic tests

  • Diagnostic result meeting with specialists who break down performance and plan test preparation

  • Exclusive demo classes before enrollment

  • Small-sized SAT and ACT batch classes (6-7 Students) 

  • 1-on-1 personalised prep for SAT and ACT

  • Test series for SAT and ACT (practice tests and feedback)

  • Crash courses & bootcamps for accelerated prep 

Why choose us?

  • Taught by experienced faculty from reputed global institutions – we’ve taught 2000+ students over 12 years

  • Low teacher-student ratio to efficiently monitor progress and provide guidance

  • Flexible class structure to accommodate the student’s busy schedule

  • Curated test prep textbooks and specially-designed revision sheets

  • Huge focus on strategy to decode the question types and become test-savvy about recurring patterns

  • Proprietary TEST PREP portal that mimics the SAT and ACT online testing for practice tests

  • Full-length practice tests in a simulated testing environment

  • Proctored tests conducted in-person and online

  • Tutorial sessions post-testing with the teachers to clear doubts

  • Individual mentors to monitor student progress and strategize student preparation

  • Regular parent-teacher meetings to update on progress and identify areas of improvement

Interested in the program? Leave us your details and we'll get in touch.

+220 Points

Average SAT score increase from the diagnostic test

+6 Points

Average ACT score increase from the diagnostic test


Raina Rathod

Suhasini Singh

Aryaman Kejriwal

Hritik Sapra

Rahul Mukherji

Anay Mulay

Diya Bhageria

Ishaan Goel

Rehaan Parekh

Vibhav Singh

Cathedral and John Connon School

The Shri Ram School

Cathedral and John Connon School

The Shri Ram School

The Shri Ram School

Dhirubhai Ambani International School

Cathedral and John Connon School

Dhirubhai Ambani International School

Ahmedabad International School

Aditya Birla World Academy












To schedule your complimentary diagnostic test, set up a consultation with our test Prep team, or to know more about our upcoming batches and personalised test preparation, please email or call us at +91 22 6145 3737 (Mumbai),  +91 11-49452525 (Delhi)
and +91 124-4171200 (Gurgaon). Or simply leave your details and we'll get in touch with you.

Aishwarya Sud

Krish Kapoor

Tia Goculdas

Rehaan Naik

Arnav Tawakley

Arhaan Aggarwal

Saanvi Mehra

Viraj Thakur

Rohan Jagadeesan

Nikhil Tole Trivedi

Shikshantar School

Pathways School Aravali

Vasant Valley School

Bombay International School

Dhirubhai Ambani International School

Strawberry Fields High School

Shri Ram Millenium School

Vivek High School

Shiv Nadar School

Bombay International School











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