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Psychology Summer Research Opportunities

Updated: Apr 12

If you’re an aspiring psychology student looking to use your summer productively, here are 8 summer programs you can look at to not only have a productive summer, but to add a competitive edge to your college applications.

Program focus: Students can choose from different courses under the umbrella of Psychology

Cost: $4,711 - $6,063

Eligibility: Successful completion of 10th grade is required prior to the course's start date.

Location: Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore (on-campus)

Dates: The program typically lasts 2 weeks running between late June and early August with 2 - 3 options per class

Deadline: March 1

Cohort: Unclear

Program focus: Students focus on how the brain influences behavior 

Cost: $1,795 for the Enrichment Course; $3,495 for the College Credit Course

Eligibility: For students ages 13 and up

Location: Online

Dates: Dates vary for each of the two courses. College credit courses last 6 weeks, while the enrichment courses last 1 - 4 weeks, depending on selection

Deadline: Deadlines vary according to the date of course

Cohort: Unclear as it is online

Program focus: Students Learn to identify myths associated with psychological profiling and the realities of racial inequities in the criminal justice system

Cost: $4,700

Eligibility: Grades 9 - 11

Location: Duke University Campus

Dates: June 16 - 28 or July 7 - 19

Deadline: May 1

Cohort: Unclear

Program focus: In this single course, students receive a broad introduction to the science of psychology.

Cost: $5,040

Eligibility: Rising high school juniors and seniors

Location: Online

Dates: June 24 - August 2

Deadline: None

Cohort: 50 students maximum

Program focus: Students will be introduced to the ways in which gender influences our perception of self and others

Cost: $8,044 - $13,056 depending on the course unit

Eligibility: High school student in good academic standing

Location: Online

Dates: June 29 - August 4

Deadline: January 31

Cohort: Unclear

Program focus: This course provides an introduction to the basic topics of psychology including our three major areas of distribution: the biological basis of behavior, the cognitive basis of behavior, and individual and group bases of behavior. 

Cost: $13,444 - $20,962 depending on the course units. The on-campus program fee includes the use of Penn academic facilities, on-campus housing, gym access, linens, three meals a day Monday–Friday, two meals on Sunday (no meals Saturday due to excursions/activities), extracurricular activities and trips, and student supervision.

Eligibility: High school students in good academic standing

Location: University of Pennsylvania (on-campus)

Dates: July 5 - August 9

Deadline: January 31

Cohort: Unclear

Program focus: Students will learn and talk about a wide range of topics, some fascinating, some exciting, and some quite serious.

Cost: In-person: $2,590; Virtual: $1,295

Eligibility: High school sophomore, junior, or senior

Location: Online or Stanford University campus

Dates: In-person: July 10 - July 21, 2024; Online: July 24 - August 4

Deadline: March 1

Cohort: Not mentioned

8. Psychology Courses at Georgetown University

Program focus: Georgetown offers summer programs on psychology that are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the field

Cost: $1,910 per credit

Eligibility: High school students in good academic standing

Location: On-campus or in-person

Dates: In-person: June 4 - July 7 or July 9 - August 11; Online: June 4 - July 28

Deadline: May 15

Cohort: Unclear

To understand which of these programs is ideal for you, speak to your mentors at OnCourse who will be able to make the most effective recommendations keeping in mind your interests, your current academic standing and your resume. If you are not enrolled with OnCourse, reach out to set up a consultation meeting to understand more about our mentoring programs for students from Grade 8 to Grade 12. 

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