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  • Alisha Mashruwala Daswani

How to Plan Your Summer

Having personally worked with over 2000 students at OnCourse Vantage Pvt. Ltd. over the past 14 years, with each year I’ve realised that students are more engaged in school, and even get busier with their academic pressures. Additionally, with the number of students applying abroad, university admissions have become far more competitive, making it even more important for students to stand out.


This makes it crucial for students to use their summer holidays productively. So how do students do that?

For students between grades 8-10:


1.     Explore various online courses or on-campus summer programs

2.     Start reading: read about different fields and broaden overall knowledge

3.     Learn a new skill: Music, Art, Coding (or anything you feel excited about) and nurture this passion over the course of a few years


For students between grades 11-12:

1.     Start working on a personal project: this could be a maker/robotics project for someone who is interested in STEM, or a mentored or independent research paper in a field you’re most interested in

2.     If you are passionate about giving back to society, this is a good time to get involved in volunteer activities or to think about doing a community service project

3.     Job shadowing and internships: For those who have an idea of what they’re looking to study, it’s great to get practical exposure in the field


These experiences not only contribute to a well-rounded profile but also provide concrete examples of a student's commitment, leadership, and initiative. Remember, universities like to see depth and consistency. Therefore, the activities that students get involved with, should be ones they genuinely care about and ones that they would like to go deeper into. Students today are lucky to have access to a tremendous range of opportunities- it’s all about capitalising on this!

OnCourse has a range of partners that could help make your summer productive. Talk to your mentors to figure out which ones are a good fit for you. To learn more about these opportunities parents and students are welcome to attend our annual Summer fair in Mumbai, Delhi or Ahmedabad! 

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