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  • Akhil Daswani

Having run OnCourse Vantage Pvt. Ltd. for close to a decade and a half, there are some common myths that seem to take on a life of their own. Here's my take on a few:

1. You don't need to study business to eventually get into business

2. Taking harder subject just because they 'look good' might not be for everyone.

3. Yes, Computer Science does lead to higher paying jobs. But, that doesn't mean every kid is passionate about the subject. Better to be the best in a smaller space than average in a bigger one.

4. Design provides skills and jobs that are far higher paying and with greater scope than most Indian parents imagine.

5. Smaller US Colleges that give aid actually provide a better education than most larger research-focused universities.

6. Canada does have a better immigration policy, but a smaller job market overall.

7. Postgraduate education will always have a greater RoI.

8. Studying abroad for an Undergrad or a postgrad are mutually exclusive decisions, with varying focus-areas, and at different stages of your life. One shapes your career, the other shapes you.

9. Getting into a better colleges is not a determinant of future success and vice-versa

10. Kids who are independent in their decision making through high school, tend to be happier and eventually more successful.

11. Activities, no matter how strong, don't compensate for lower grades or test scores.

12. Always focus on going deep with a few activities vs adding a larger number of 'shallow' activities.

13. The high school you attend won't help beyond a point, it's your grades that will still matter.

14. Fit is far more important than the brand name of a college.

15. Make your peace with Math and hold onto it for as long as you can. It's useful.

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