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K-12 Courses

Shark School

Shark School is designed to teach students about entrepreneurship and private equity through interactive content and exercises. They will get valuable insights into setting up a new venture, raising capital, financial planning, market sizing as well as digital and buzz marketing. At the end of the course, students will be asked to present a business plan.


Smart Money

Smart Money is a financial literacy course, which introduces teens to the basics of investing in a fun way. The course will teach them about the time value of money, and give them a basic knowledge of stocks, debt, bonds, and other financial instruments. The course includes a virtual stock market game which is simulated for students to be able to invest virtual money into the real stock market at real time prices.


UPrep Lite

UPrep Lite focuses on strengthening foundational skills in English & Math for students in Grades 9 & 10. We aim at increasing the use of logic and reasoning skills, especially for answering multiple-choice questions in tests like the SAT & ACT. Students are introduced to the SAT & ACT question types, which helps them transition into their actual SAT/ACT test prep more easily.



The Python boot camp aims to provide students with a working knowledge of the Python coding language. Through the course, students will develop a sound foundation in, and understanding of conditional logic, recursion and object oriented programming. More importantly, students will work on a number of exciting projects ranging from coding their own versions of the video game Snake to learning to write programs to scrape the internet for data. The projects will emphasize application of their knowledge of the language, and will lay the groundwork for more intensive applications /programs that students will be equipped to work on in the future.


Between The Lines

Between the Lines focuses on students’ communication skills – from writing creatively but succinctly, to speaking eloquently with purpose, to understanding the unspoken, whether body language and tone. Students learn to express themselves confidently and effectively and comprehend both written and spoken materials through interactive and experiential exercises. The program covers metaphorical writing, essay writing, minimalism in writing, presentation skills and persuasive communication.


Pre-IB Math Booster

The Pre-IB Math Booster program aims to equip incoming 11th graders with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel at IB Math. The curriculum has been carefully designed to help students seamlessly transition into the IB’s analytical style of learning. This program strives to strengthen the student’s academic foundation whilst introducing them to advanced topics, putting them in good stead for their chosen level of IB Math – be it Higher Level or Standard Level.