Study Abroad And Mentoring

From creating your Stand-Out-Factor to college essays, we help you with the overall application process and choosing the right college. Our students have been accepted at Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge and several prestigious universities.
  • Masters

    We guide you through the entire application process. We initiate the process by understanding you and your individual requirements. You are then paired with a mentor best suited to your background and career choice. Your mentor will be consistently approachable and guide you throughout the application process.


  • MBA

    We begin by understanding you through your professional and academic backgrounds. On analyzing your short and long term goals, a strong application is built to accurately highlight your strengths. You will be assigned to a mentor who is best suited to your profile.


  • Undergraduate

    Eligiblity: Students from Grade VIII-XII

    Did you know that 50% of the students with perfect ACT/SAT scores get rejected from Harvard? Your college application is not only about your academics. OnCourse mentors you to build your resume and become a well rounded applicant.


    Eligiblity: Students from Grade VIII-XII